Welcome to our blog. Here you will find the various humor writings of Tony, Derek, and Jay.

We don’t know if we’re really funny or not. We like to think we are. We probably aren’t.

We like trees.

Our goal on this blog is to make you giggle and guffaw, or at least smile at what we’ve conjured from the deepest depths of our funny bones.

If you have read through every one of our posts without smiling, giggling, or guffawing (not even a chuckle? Or a chortle?), we are deeply sorry. You should probably earn an award or something.

– Jay


  • We’re Here

    And so are you! Now pat yourself on the back, stand up, jump up and down, spin around twice, sit back down, and then observe your friends and family laughing at you.
  • The Trilothors

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